April Wardrobe: Kimberly Brophy

This is our very first feature for 'I Want Her Wardrobe' on SassieDoll!
Our April Wardrobe winner is Kimberly Brophy, Aged 20, from Dublin, Ireland. 

Kimberly has a wardrobe that i'm sure most 20 year old's would dream of having! Kim practically has a different outfit or pair of shoes for every day of the week and she certainly knows how to style her looks to perfection! We asked Kim to send us some pics of her best looks that she has put together from some of her favorite pieces in her Wardrobe. We also asked her a few fashion related questions to go along with this... So have a snoop below for some Gorgeous Wardrobe inspiration (and Envy) thanks to Kimberly...Enjoy! :)

 Q. Who is your Fave designer at the moment?
Kimberly's Answer: My favorite designer is Victoria Beckham, I love all of her structured and simple pieces.

Q. What is your fave high street store?
Kimberly's Answer: My favorite high street store at the moment is Topshop, mainly due to their basics and boutique section, especially TFNC London. 
(You can shop TFNC HERE)

Q. What is your fave Trend this Season?
Kimberly's Answer: My favorite Trend for SS14 is definitely soft pastels , brightening up my wardrobe already and making me feel very summery as I am used to always wearing black.

Q. Name ONE piece in your wardrobe that you couldn't live without.
Kimberly's Amswer: I couldn't live without my black leather belt with gold buckle, it is such an easy accessory for most outfits in my wardrobe.

Thanks a mill for sharing you're wardrobe with us Kimberly :)

For anyone who would like to feature on SassieDoll please E-mail you're NAME, AGE and a PIC of you're wardrobe to sarah@sassiedoll.com with the title 'I Want Her Wardrbe' in the subject bar.

 Lots of Love,
SassieDoll xXx

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