Hi All,

Happy Monday! :) Unfortunately I am off work sick today...not fun :( but on the bright side I can do loads of blog research from my bed for the day :) So I should have a few more posts up this week!

Anyway, for this weeks Beauty Bargain I have chosen another nail polish (I know I did a nail varnish last week too but I just picked this one up during the week and it defo deserves a little post as well). It is by an LA brand which is a new arrival to Dunne's Stores all over Ireland. The brand is 'Wet n Wild' beauty Los Angeles. It is an affordable yet luxury beauty brand which is renowned for it's cheap prices and good quality. There also seems to be a wide range of products available in Dunne's Stores since it hit down only a few weeks ago.
I only have the one item to judge it by but so far so good. I picked up the Wet n Wild 'Wild Shine' nail varnish in color 'Tickled Pink' and I LOVE it!!!

This particular color is a pale, girly pink, which a lot of the time these pale colors can be too transparent and don't cover the nail but 2 coats of this gives full coverage with a lovely shine.
It will definitely be a re-occurring color on my nails throughout the summer! And the best was only €1.99! BARGAIN!!!

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