BEAUTY: Festival/Summer Hairstyle Inspiration 2014

Anything with either a plait, a few waves or flowers immediately gives off that Summer/Festival vibe that we all strive to achieve each year. Here are a few images to help inspire you to achieve the perfect festival look this summer...

A simple wrap around plait such as this one shown on Jennifer Lawrence is easily achieved by separating the hair into two sections, making two plaits and wrapping them around to meet at the front.Or, if like Emma Stone, your hair is not long enough to do that look a simple plait at the front of some wavy locks helps create an easier version of this style.

Adding a head band to your look can really help achieve a boho, festival look. 

 A messy side plait is a simple and stylish hairstyle that creates a pretty and feminine summer look.

Fishtail braids have become a really popular trend over the last few seasons and will continue to do so over the Summer months. A perfect on-trend summer style.

Adding a bit of DIY feathers, beads and string to a simple wavy style or messy up do can really help achieve an individual and unique boho look for the festival season.

Adding a floral head piece or even just a single flower to any hair hairstyle immediately adds a feminine Summer touch to your style.

Hope you enjoyed this and found some hairstyle inspiration that you can tie into your own personal style when creating your Summer/Festival hairstyles this Season!

Lots of Love,

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  • SarahLyons