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Here is a brief review and break down of my top 3 foundations for the summer. I have been trying to find something with lighter coverage and a light weight feel for during the summer and I want something that is still long lasting throughout the day in work. I'm still not sure if I have found the PERFECT summer foundation yet for my skin but these 3 are coming pretty close (especially the Rimmel one) so I thought I'd share them with you...Enjoy xXx

I only tried this foundation recently for the first time and it is probably my favorite out of the three that I am talking about today for a good, summer, long lasting, day wear foundation. It has a really light, smooth texture on the skin which is perfect for the hotter days so you are not left feeling like your skin is trapped under a layer of foundation in the heat. It gives a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin as well which I love. I have wore this one to work the last couple of weeks and a few people have complimented it and said it looks very natural. Another great selling point for this as a perfect summer foundation is that it contains SPF15 so it is ideal for wearing during the day when you are out and about to protect your skin. The best part, it is so affordable at only €10.99 in Boots.I currently have this foundation in Soft Beige 200. The shade is ideal for a more natural look with little to no tan however it is a bit too light for me when I am wearing a bit of tan so next time I'll be picking up the next shade darker.

I first tried this foundation a couple of years ago and loved the finish it leaves on your skin. It has a lovely smooth coverage and as it says on the bottle it gives a 100% Pore-less look and an Airbrush finish. I chose this as one of my fave Summer foundations because it is a really light silky feel on the skin and the shades it comes in have a perfect golden under tone for blending with a tan. The only problem I have with this foundation is that it is not that long lasting and I find during the summer your make-up tends to wear off quicker due to the heat and oils so it's not great if you have to go work in somewhat warm conditions for more than 4 hours or so. But otherwise it is a lovely foundation and again very affordable at €11.99 in Boots.

I have only recently tried a sample of this foundation as a few girls I know have been wearing it and it looks gorgeous and glowing on them. I have wore it the last two days and it has a gorgeous summer glow and again it is a light weight feel on the skin. Another great thing is that like the Rimmel foundation, MAC mineralize has SPF 15 in it and is very moisturizing on the skin. My only negative about this foundation is that I tend to have an oily T-zone and after wearing this foundation for a couple of hours I found my skin looking quite oily rather than glowy. However I know girls who wear it all day in work and it is gorgeous. So I suppose it just depends on your skin type! I think it is around €37.50 in BT2 and Brown Thomas stores.

So there you go, My Top 3 Foundations for Summer 2014!
If I find any better in the mean time I'll be sure to update you. Also if you have any favorite Summer foundations then defo let me know so I can try them out...I'm always on the look out for new products!

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