Cocoa Brown Tan Review

Cocoa Brown tan is a fresh, new, Irish owned tan that is taking the tanning world by storm.
The tan was created by beauty expert Marissa Carter who owns 'Carter Beauty Blackrock'.

I had heard so much about this tan that I could not wait to get my hands on it. I am very naturally pale so I am a big tan lover and was yet to find a long lasting tan that I loved...until now.

Cocoa Brown is a mousse texture with a hint of color when applying which is always a plus so that you can see exactly where you are applying it to ensure an even tan. The tan develops within 2 hours!!!
However, I put it on going to bed and decided to shower it off the following morning. To my amazement, when I woke up, there was not even a hint of tan on my bed sheets, unlike most other tans that destroy your clothes/sheets etc during the night. It was quite dark when I woke up so I hopped straight in the shower and once I had rinsed it off I was delighted with the Golden, natural, even tan it had achieved. No streaks, no smell and no dirty sheets!!!

I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle, it is currently available in Penney's and other Chemists at an amazing price of just €7.99!

Also check out the Cocoa Brown website HERE for more information :) x

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  • SarahLyons