Four Fitness Bloggers to follow this January...

With today being "Blue Monday" I thought it would be the perfect time to share this post for a bit of extra motivation during the January blues. I know one of my main goals this year is definitely to improve my health and fitness and I find I have been turning to a certain few bloggers recently for motivation, inspiration and general tips and advice on living a healthier lifestyle. I definitely recommend following these 4 (if you don't already) if, like me, you are looking for some advice, information and general motivation for getting fit and healthy in 2016.

1. Rosanna Davison
Instagram: Rosanna_Davison (104k followers)
Snapchat: Rosiedavison5

I am sure most of you (especially if you are Irish) know who Rosanna Davison is. The Beauty Queen, who won Miss World in 2003 has recently become an author with a book based around healthy, natural living. Rosanna is a qualified nutritional therapist and if her book is anything to go by, she really knows her stuff. Last year I made the decision to start following a vegetarian lifestyle and I am really loving all of the nutritional information and recipes based around a vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle that Rosanna shares in her book. If you are interested in a plant based diet then definitely follow Rosanna Davison for amazing recipes, nutritional advice and of course serious body envy!

(Images source: Instagram @Rosanna_Davison)

2. The Food Medic
Instagram: thefoodmedic (59.9k followers)
Snapchat: thefoodmedic

If abs are what you're after then you need to follow Hazel Wallace. Hazel shares healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle advice on her blog 'the food medic'. Not only does Hazel blog consistently, she has a first class degree in medical science and just signed up to get a qualification in personal training. The Food Medic is the perfect blog to follow for inspiration if you lead as busy lifestyle, as Hazel states on her website that she set up the food medic blog "in the hopes of using it as a platform to show people that eating healthy, or eating ‘clean’, can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into busy lifestyle – like that of a medical student!"

(Images source: Instagram @thefoodmedic)

3. Lydia Elise Millen
Instagram: LydiaEmillen (277k followers)
Snapchat: lydiaemillen

Lydia's blog is a go to site for fashion, beauty, health & fitness and everything in between. Lydia's blog is must read not only for the articles on physical health but also for her focus on how to improve your mental health, with some of her recent blog posts covering 'Learning how to breath after anxiety', and 'How to de-stress after a busy week'. With her enviable style, healthy, positive attitude and a career we could only dream of, Lydia is definitely one to follow for some New Year motivation.

Images source: Instagram @lydiaemillen

4. Heidi Somers
Instagram: BuffBunny (866k followers)
Snapchat: Buffbunny

Heidi Somers is an American 'Vlogger' and fitness guru from Alaska. Heidi (also known as BuffBunny) has competed in bikini contests, represents some huge fitness companies in the US, creates youtube videos with her diet and workout tips and is a general funny and quirky person to follow on social media. If you like weight lifting and a bit of humor then BuffBunny is the perfect person to follow.

(Images Source: Instagram @Buffbunny)

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