I WANT HER WARDROBE!!! How to Apply:


Do you have a wardrobe that most girls would be jealous of?
Do you LOVE Clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up and all things fashion?!
No matter how big or small, does your wardrobe have enough clothes/shoes/handbags/make-up etc. to give the Kardashians a run for their money?! (Well maybe not THAT much).
 If so, then WE want to hear from YOU!

'I WANT HER WARDROBE' is a new feature we will be doing once a month on SassieDoll featuring some of our readers most amazing wardrobes/closets/make-up drawers/shoe closets etc.

Each month a different person will be selected and they will feature on the blog alongside a picture of their wardrobe and pictures of their 3 favorite things or looks from their wardrobe.

To be in with a chance of being featured on SassieDoll just private message us on facebook or e-mail sarah@sassiedoll.com with the title 'i want her wardrobe'  in the subject bar and write your name, age and a few short lines on why you think you're wardrobe and personal style should be featured on the blog alongside ONE picture of you with your wardrobe :)

If you are selected, we will then ask you to send us on some more pictures of your favorite items in your wardrobe and/or a few styled looks of you in your favorite outfits.

You can apply from NOW...

Can't wait to see your Enviable Wardrobes,

Lots of Love,

SassieDoll xXx

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