Just Do it!!! :)


Hi Dolls :)
So here it is...my brand new, very own website...
I was a bit nervous about creating this at first and I put a huge amount of time and effort into the whole process so I really hope you all like it :)
Although I am not a shy person and I am chatty and love meeting new people, anyone who knows me well will tell you I lack in confidence and self esteem (you may have noticed I haven't done very many posts about myself or featured many pictures of myself until recently). I used to put off creating my own blog at first (even though I new it would be something I would love doing) with the fear of it not being 'good enough' or not being viewed at all. The same with my designs, I LOVE designing, I could research, sketch and make things all day but they always seem to end up sitting there in my bedroom never to be seen because I never take it that next step further.
 I have always talked about some day having my own website where I can write blog posts and feature my work but I wasn't putting those words into action.
However 3 months ago I decided to put my fear and low self esteem aside and just go for it. So I set up SassieDoll. To my surprise, the facebook page grew to over 1,000 likes in the first 2 weeks and now 3 months on it has over 6,000 likes and all of my friends have been really encouraging and supportive. Three months is a very short space of time and I still have a long way to go... I definitely didn't think I would be setting up my own website 3 months later but my goal for the blog was always to share fashion related news, trends, advice, to hear others tips and shared passions and eventually...to share my own designs. So that's where the website began to develop. Although I am starting very small with a mini collection of accessories, I am excited that it's a start :) So you can now 'SHOP' on my new website for your very own 'SassieDoll' bracelets and hopefully much more in the near future.
SassieDoll is still only small and developing but at this moment in time it is something I am most passionate about and enjoy doing so much. So far, luckily, I have have great support and positive feedback, I think it's more the fear of negativity that holds you back. So I guess the moto of this rant it just to believe in yourself and do the thing that makes you most happy regardless of what that may be and what you fear other people may think. Because like I said, although 3 months is a short space of time and the following is still somewhat small, I am so happy I finally went for it and created SassieDoll because I now LOVE doing it and hope I will be able to continue doing it for the foreseeable future  :)

Gosh, that got a bit deep...so anyway, to lighten things up, take a browse through the new website where you can access my blog, gallery, contact info and the SassieDoll shop HERE!!!


Love SassieDoll xXx

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