My Fitness Journey: Week 1


As a teenager I was always very slim and never really had to worry about weight until I reached my twenties. I used to fluctuate between a size 8 to 10 until I reached about age 22/23. Over the past couple of years I have gained quite a bit of weight and have noticed my confidence slip a lot. My dream is to eventually start doing some 'What i wore' posts and personal style features on the blog. Since my background and passion are in fashion design, styling and buying it seems strange that I don't really feature my own style on SassieDoll. however this has been a bit of an issue for me since I gained weight over the last 2 years. I recently found out I have an under active thyroid and this causes weight gain and tiredness which as a young woman in your 20's these are two things that nobody wants that can really affect you. I used to love working out as well and now I had only been to the gym for a couple of months throughout the past year which I suppose some of this can also be put down to the lack of energy I've had. I can't blame it all on my thyroid either though as I am a complete Chocolate addict :P So I just thought it was about time I shared this with you all...

Anyway, you may have noticed the fact that I don't do any personal style posts and this is because I have lost a lot of my confidence and I keep saying 'When I lose weight I will start posting more pics of myself and my style for my followers' but 10 months later I have decided why keep waiting...instead I am going to start sharing my weight loss journey with you all and hopefully this will keep me motivated to keep going not only for myself but for whoever wants to follow my journey too. I am now on medication to regulate my Thyroid, however the doctor said I will still lose weight at a slower pace than an average person so I guess I am just gonna have to work super hard!!!

Above: Me as a slimmer teenager (about 16 )

Just over a week ago I was in Kilkenny with my boyfriend, the hotel we were staying in had a lovely big gym and pool area so my boyfriend convinced me to hit the gym with him. I actually had anxiety about going because I hadn't worked out in so long. But this was the first time after months of saying 'I'll start on Monday' and never really committing, that something just clicked, I felt so good after the workout and enjoyed every minute and my mind frame finally began to change. So the day after we got home, I rang my gym to see how long I had left on my membership (they said 3 months) so I made the decision to start back straight away.
Above: My Boyfriend bought me these new runners to get me started :)

Over the past week I went to the gym 4 days. I did mostly cardio and then at home have done some arm weights and squats but I will build up my weight training over the next few weeks. I also started bringing my lunch to work, I made salad at home and mixed it with pine nuts and a chicken breast marinated in lemon and herbs. And dinner has mostly been chicken with veg or brown rice. Each week from now on I will do an updated health post to share my progress, success and struggles with you all. And as I get into a routine that is working for me I will share more detailed work outs and diet plans :)

Above: Some of my lunches in work this week

I can't wait to start seeing some results over the next few months. I would love to hear any of your weight loss tips, goals or success stories, or if like me, you suffer from an under active thyroid then get in touch and share your journey with me because I find following other peoples journeys on instagram and other blogs super motivating :)
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I find this pic of Vicky from Geordie Shore Super Motivating :)

Lots of Love,

Above: Me getting ready for my first day back at the gym :/

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