My Fitness Journey...Week 2

Hi Everyone, 

I have just finished week 2 of my new Healthy lifestyle and I am feeling great already :) I have lost 3 pound this week and I am delighted! I know it's not a huge amount but slow progress is better than no progress, right? :) I have also been told that losing up to 2lb a week is the average healthy pace for long term weight loss and prevents muscle loss!

Aside from actually losing weight I have noticed my moods improve and my energy levels have improved a serious amount! I have been waking up earlier and I have been getting straight up and making my breakfast and then preparing my lunch for work. 

So, what have I been doing this week? Well, a friend of my Sister's who has lost 5 stone in less than a year e-mailed me some of her tips on both diet and exercise and I found this really motivating as she has really worked so hard to see results, so the next day I went grocery shopping and picked up some of the things she recommended to start incorporating them into my diet. Some of these included, Flaxseed, Natural/Greek Yoghurt, Coconut Oil and berries. Most mornings this week for breakfast I have had strawberries and grapes mixed with Greek Yogurt and sprinkled on top with Flaxseed, it is so yummy and is so refreshing first thing in the morning. Flaxseed is great to add as it contains Omega 3, Protein, Iron and Magnesium among many other things that are health beneficial. 

For my lunch I have stuck with my marinated chicken fillet and salad, I have been cooking the chicken in coconut oil this week. I
also want to start using coconut oil on my skin and hair so I will do a separate post on that :) 

I was really craving chocolate this week so on Sunday I had a lil cheat and had a bowl of Cocopops with low fat milk and a low fat hot chocolate. I know cereal isn't great and is full of sugar but you have to allow yourself a lil treat sometimes so as not to deprive yourself and end up binging! (Excuses, excuses!) Haha! 

I worked out 4 times this week and I tried yoga with a friend. It was fun and relaxing and I had sore muscles in my stomach and arms the next morning so it must have done something right! And another day I went on an hour long cycle in the park to mix things up a bit! For the week ahead I plan on sticking to the same eating plan as last week and just increasing my weight training in the gym as I have still been doing mostly cardio this week with just a few weights mixed in at the end. However I know that the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn as well as shaping your body and toning up so I am defo going to take that on board this week in my workouts! 
I think that's everything for this week :) and remember if you have any questions or any advice you'd like to share with me then you can e-mail me at or Private message me on facebook HERE

Thanks for reading, I'll be back next week with another Fitness update... 

Lots of Love, 
SassieDoll xXxXx

A bit of celebrity Body Inspo for this week...

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