My Fitness Journey...Week 4, 5 & 6

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my Fitness journey, I missed the last couple of weeks as I was on holidays in the beautiful Puerto Banus, Spain.

I just want to do a quick catch up on how I've been getting on. Obviously while on holidays I did drink alcohol (including beer) and we ate out every night (as you do on holidays) so it was hard to stick to a strict diet. Therefore as of this week I am not down any further weight since before holidays. While on holidays I did go to the gym once or twice and myself and my boyfriend would do a few crunches, planks and press ups in the hotel, but you know the saying 'You can't out run an unhealthy diet'! So on Monday, after returning I headed to the supermarket after work and picked up my usual yogurts, chicken fillets, salad and veg and am trying to get back into my routine this week. Today will be my first proper day back at the gym as-well since returning so I'm looking forward to that since my workouts on holidays weren't very intense. (I was on holidays after all) :)

I do believe that clean eating and exercise are the right way to do it but I am considering a detox after holidays to help get back on track and really push myself so any suggestions and success stories would be great?! You can contact me through private message on Facebook HERE! or e-mail me at

Until next week...

Lots of Love

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