My Top 5 Nail Colours this Summer

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Although the weather has been absolutely miserable in Dublin these last few days, I decided to do a run through of my top 5 nail polish colours for this Summer. Let me know what colours you have been loving this Season too? Enjoy x

1. Sky Blue - I think a nice pale blue is a lovely transitional colour for Spring into Summer. Kylie Jenner has been seen wearing this tone on her nails a lot this season, as seen on her instagram and in numerous snap chat videos! Below is an affordable blue colour from NYC available in Penneys and selected pharmacies, this one is colour 325 Raindrop.

2. Lemon Pastel - I have been loving yellow nail polish this season. Again, Kylie Jenner has been seen rocking this colour. Unfortunately I tried it myself last week and wasn't that fond of it, maybe I didn't have the right shade, or it doesn't suit my skin tone but I still love it as a Summer festival colour and it looks great on Kylie!

Kylie Jenner with Lemon nails (pic from instagram)

My attempt at yellow nails, haha!

Above is two affordable yellow nail polishes, one is from the Rita Ora collection from Rimmel and is only round €3,50, the second is from the pastel range for Essence.

3. Coral - I love a good coral nearly all year round but it is especially nice with a tan during the summer months. My favorite one is 'Spring Tulip' by NYC. A good Coral also looks great on your toe nails during the summer!

4. Nude - Everyone loves a good classy nude on the nails. Pink nudes are lovely in the summer if you like to keep things subtle and elegant. A light, classic nude is great with a tan and perfect for summer weddings.

The Nude colour on my nails in the above picture is by Essence.

5. I am not sure what to call this last colour, it is like a dark mint, or a greeny / blue turquoise. Whatever it is, I have seen it on a lot of nail counters this summer and I love it. The one I have been using is 'Wimbledon' by Catrice Cosmetics. (The color came out quite dark in the pic below, the second pic is more true to the genuine colour).

I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of Love,

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