So I just wanted to do a quick review on a Spa / clinic that I went to last week with my mam. I am not sure of the price of our treatments as it was my birthday present from my parents, however the full package would usually be worth around €300 but my Mam got a great deal (which she said was well worth it) over on Apparently there is often deals and special offers for this clinic so I will leave a link to their website at the end for you to check out! :) Also keep an eye out on discount sites such as pigsback, groupon etc.

The treatment clinic we attended is called 'Firenze Clinic' based in Dundrum. The clinic is all about promoting good health for the mind, body and soul. Therefore they not only offer beauty treatments, they also offer psychotherapy, counselling and weight loss management.

On arrival we were brought up to a little waiting area to fill in our details on a form. The building felt quite old and "Vintage" but it was decorated really nice with flowers, pretty pictures on the wall and vintage style arm chairs to wait on.

The reception / waiting area.

I was called into my treatment room which had relaxing music playing lightly in the background. The massage bed was also extremely comfortable. My treatment started with a body scrub of my legs and arms, then a back and shoulder massage which was lovely! And then my fave treatment to get...a facial. I love facials, I find them so relaxing and rejuvenating! This facial consisted of a deep exfoliation and cleanse, a face massage, a jet peel (which is for texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation), vacuuming to deep cleanse the pores, and then an oxygen treatment which pumps oxygen into the skin (don't worry, there are no needles or anything involved in these treatments). Parts of the facial weren't as relaxing due to the noise of the machines and processes however overall I was so relaxed and was really impressed with the treatments. Myself and my Mam were both very impressed with our therapists and our treatments.

When our treatments were over (about 2 hours later) we were brought back down to the reception area where there was herbal tea (it was mint and coco flavor and was sooo nice, they sell it in the clinic), cupcakes and grapes waiting for us. While enjoying our refreshments, the owner of the clinic talked us through some of the Organic products they use and sell at the clinic.These products are by the brand 'Eminence' which you can check out HERE!
Oh and not to mention the owner's adorable little doggy who sat with us while we had our refreshments which made the whole experience even better! :)

About 4 days after the treatment my skin broke out a little bit with small red bumps on my cheeks and neck however these were gone within a couple of days and my skin was good as new! This often happens after a facial as it is your skin's way of releasing the underlying blemishes that were cleansed during the treatment.

Check out the website for the clinic HERE!

Lots of love,

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