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Hi there :)

I thought I would do a run through of my current skincare routine. For a while I had got quite lazy with my skincare and was falling asleep with make-up on or using face wipes too often but over the last few months I have got into a routine with some of my favorite products that I have found work best for me. I definitely notice a positive change in my skin since becoming consistent...

BEAUTY BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Neutrogena Daily Scrub

Hiya :)

'Beauty Bargain Of The Week' is a new little section I have decided to add to SassieDoll each week. I am constantly picking up random beauty items such as hair products, skin care and make-up on a weekly basis. So from now on, I will be picking one item each week that I really like which is also affordable and I will do a little review on it.

This week I have chosen 'Neutrogena Visibly Clear...