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TREND: Chunky Anklets

Hi Girls,

A new trend hitting the high street for Spring/Summer 2014 is Chunky Ankle bracelets.

I'm sure most of us have worn a skinny little anklet on holidays back in the 90's, however the revival of anklets is much more dramatic this time around. They are thick, chunky and definitely make a statement. Instead of wearing them with your flip flops on the beach they are being worn above heels as an...

FASHION: New Shoooeeesss :)


How's everyone's weekend going? :) Last night was my Christmas work party so I decided to treat myself to a new outfit. Here are the shoes I picked up for the night...I wanted wedges in-case it was going to be a long night because they are comfy and easy to walk in. These ones were only €34.99 in NEW LOOK and were defo SO comfy. I lasted from about 8.30 until 3 in the morning in them and my...