The Tanicure...

Have you heard of The Tanicure?!

It is exactly what the title says...a tan and a manicure in one.

The treatment was thought up by tanning expert / Celebrity spray tanner James Read and Celebrity manicurist Sophy Robson. James has spray tanned the likes of Rosie Hintington-Whitely, while Sophy has worked on the hands and nails of Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne.

The idea is to make one of the most visible parts of the body look perfect at all times especially during the winter months when it can often be one of the only body parts on show, by applying a light spray tan to the hands and wrists only, along with Sophy Robson's glue on nails.

As some one who regularly pops a splodge of instant tan on my hands when running out the door to ensure my hands are not 10 shades paler then my face, I can understand where the concept came from however, In December 2014, the 20 minute treatment was only available at Harvey Nichols in the UK and it doesn't seem to have taken off elsewhere since. Could this be down to the fact that it is probably just as quick and easy to DIY this treatment in the comfort of your own home than spend money and time heading to a salon to have it done? What do you think? Would you head to your local salon for a 'Tanicure'?

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