TREND: Chunky Anklets

Hi Girls,

A new trend hitting the high street for Spring/Summer 2014 is Chunky Ankle bracelets.

 I'm sure most of us have worn a skinny little anklet on holidays back in the 90's, however the revival of anklets is much more dramatic this time around. They are thick, chunky and definitely make a statement. Instead of wearing them with your flip flops on the beach they are being worn above heels as an accessory for your stiletto.

Not only are they in the form of chains and gold chunky plates and bracelets, they also come in big colorful ribbons to brighten up the look, this can also be achieved easily as a DIY job with a bit of ribbon or fabric.

I am personally really liking this trend...what do you think?

Love SassieDoll xXx

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  • SarahLyons