Victoria's Secret goes 3D

In 4 days, on the 13th of November, the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion will be gracing TV screens worldwide (Excited!!!). Each year, the show aims to be more extravagant and glamorous than the last, and this year is no exception.

They are introducing 3D designs to the collection this year. The key piece set to WOW us this year is a Swarovski crystal encrusted corset, created to look like a snowflake to fit this years theme 'Snow Angels'. The corset was created using a full body scan of model Lindsay Ellingson's body to fit her body perfectly for the show.

The process of 3D printing involves a pulsed laser cutting through heated materials to create computer calculated shapes and designs. This process was previously used by architects and engineers to create items such as hearing aids. Now, it has hit the fashion world and Victoria Secret are excited to be bringing it to us this month. "It's exciting that we get to use it, we've never done it", said Sarah Sophia Lidz, the collection design coordinator for Victoria's Secret.

I personally can not wait to see the 3D pieces in question hit our TV screens in the next few days!

Here's a few images from last year's show...Enjoy...x

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  • SarahLyons