Victoria's Secret Swimwear Trends 2014

Hi Girls,

As the summer is fast approaching, I thought I would do a lil post on the latest swimwear trends. And where better to find the best of this than Victoria's Secret? When it comes to lingerie and swimwear trends it all starts at Victoria's Secret.
One of my favorite parts of working as a nightwear/lingerie designer in the past was spending hours on the VS website researching all of the trends and then creating mood/inspiration boards on them.This year, they have introduced 4 new swimwear trends alongside all of the classics, the four key trends are: Strappy swimwear, long line bikini's, Rash-guards and Bralettes. I have broken down the best of each of these trends for you here so you can make sure you are always on trend weather you're at the beach, by the pool or just hanging out in the sun ;) Enjoy...x

Strappy Bikini's:

Long-Line/Crop top Bikini's:



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