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Today's post is just on what is usually in my make-up bag on an average day when I am heading to work. I use a lot of affordable products mixed with the odd MAC/higher priced item so I thought it would be good to share this for anyone who is interested!

So first, the make-up bag I am using at the moment is by Estee Lauder, I got this bag as a free gift when I purchased two items or more from Estee Lauder, the items I got at the time were the Double Wear foundation and a Primer. I love this foundation for day wear however when you use it on a night out, it doesn't have light reflecting pigments so it makes your face look really white in comparison to your tan in photos.

Anyway, back to what's actually IN the make-up bag at the moment!

I am currently using Essence Foundation which you can read my review on HERE!!! However, I have been trying to reduce the amount I carry around in make-up bag so I have stopped carrying a foundation with me. I currently have, a mascara (I very rarely top up my mascara during the day but it's always handy to have). My liquid eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner, a lipstick (which ever one I have chose to wear that day), a powder and bronzer and my eyebrow bar.

The picture above is a breakdown of the products, the concealer is MAC Prolongwear and this comes in handy when you've had a long day in work and are heading out after to cover up the tired circles under your eyes. I wouldn't usually need to use it through out the day though as it has really good longevity. Today, I have MAC 'Please Me' lipstick in my make-up bag, it is a soft pink-ish color that is perfect for daywear. I have just ran out of my MAC Studio Fix powder foundation but this is a must in my make-up bag weither I am going to work for the day or going for lunch or on a night out, it has great coverage and is great for tpping up throughout the day when needed as it comes with a little sponge and mirror. However, when I have run out of this (like at the moment...waiting on pay day!) I use the powder and bronzer shown below. They are both by Catrice Cosmetics and are less than 5 each! As much as I love my MAC powder, you could buy 7 powders from Catrice for the same price as 1 MAC powder! :/

I also carry my eyebrow bar with me just in-case I ruin my brows when I top up my powder or something! And I always carry my eyeliners as they are definitely something I top up throughout the day!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will do more 'What's in my Make-up Bag' posts for different occasions and nights out over the next few months! If you have any questions about any of the products used or general queries you can e-mail me directly at: sarah@sassiedoll.com 

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